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Answer: Yes, you can. There is the capability to upload your files both via FTP and File Manager.

Answer: It is also possible to redirect visitors by means of META tags or JavaScript. You can read how to do this in HTML manuals.

Answer: It is possible, in spite of the fact that we do not support ".htaccess" file, we have enabled the opportunity to customize own page with the error #404 (file not found). To install your own page you should simply upload a file named "404.htm" to the root folder via FTP or File Manager (the link is on the main page of the Control Panel).

You can customize "404.htm" file as you want, it depends on your skills in HTML.

*root folder is the folder where you get immediately after entering File Manager.

Answer: Guestbook is the oldest and the most popular way of feedback. You will be able to receive users' reviews about your website and comment on them with the help of the Guestbook module.

Useful link:
uCoz Community Forum

Answer: Log in to Control Panel by adding /admin to the name of your website. Go to Guestbook -> Module settings -> Display new entries -> select "Top/Bottom" -> Save.

Useful link:
uCoz Community Forum

Answer: Yes, they are. In case the BB Codes panel is missing when adding an entry, you need to allow BB codes usage in Control Panel -> Users -> User groups -> Set permissions for all groups.

Answer: The concept of Guestbook doesn't require registration. Although, if you want, you can make Guests sign up before posting in the Guestbook. All you need is to make the necessary settings in Control Panel -> Users -> User groups -> Set permissions for all groups.

Answer: In order to change a nickname for the current website go to its Control Panel -> Users -> List of users. Click the "Change login (username)" button. Type in a new username. Click "Change" and Save.

Answer: Perhaps you enter it with a space, which is not allowed. You can use only digits, letters and hyphens.

Answer: Check permissions of the user groups, particularly session binding to IP: Control Panel -> Users -> User groups -> Edit group properties or permittions: Bind session to IP address (protection from stealing cookies). Disable this option.

Answer: An administrator must change the password himself. It is not allowed to edit an administrator's account.

Answer: Every website administrator can make users CHECKED at his own discretion and assign to them any permissions he wants. You may set group permissions as you wish. So, groups (or members) will differ on the permissions that you have assigned to them.

Answer: Yes. Edit the template of the user's profile page.

Answer: The number of reputation points depends on the reputation of a person who changes reputation (max 20).

rep>5000 = 20
rep>2500 = 15
rep>1000 = 10
rep>900 = 9
rep>700 = 8
rep>500 = 7
rep>300 = 6
rep>200 = 5
rep>100 = 4
rep>50 = 3
rep>10 = 2

Useful link:
uCoz Community Forum

Answer: This module is intended for testing of users on your website.

Answer: Yes, you can. Install the module, then go to Control Panel –> Entry management and click "Add new entry".

Answer: You can take tests from any website that offers them.

Answer: Yes, you can edit them as you like.

Answer: Yes, you can. Go to Control Panel – Tests – Entry management, find the necessary entry and edit it.

Answer: If you select "Single answer" it means that a user can choose only one answer variant. "Multiple choice" means that a user can select as many variants as you will specify at the next step of test adding.

Answer: You can add a maximum of 1000 questions.

Answer: You can add a maximum of 100 variants.

Answer: Yes, but only in the "Short description" and "Question text" fields.

Answer: No, you can't. If a user's rank is higher than the rank he is supposed to get according to the test results, then the current rank won't change.

Answer: The test results of all registered users. If you allow Guests to take tests, their results won't be recorded.

Answer: All data related to this test is removed – including questions, answers, ranges and result log.

Answer: No. If you want users to be able to save test results, enable the feature of sending results to e-mail.

Answer: You should use another module. The one that has pages with the "Entry full text" field.

Answer: 2500 characters in the question and 10000 characters in the answer. These numbers cannot be increased.

Answer: Use $IМAGE1-left$ ($IМАGE1-right$) instead of $IМАGE1$.

Answer: You need to check the mandatory fields that you have set in the Module settings section of the module.

Answer: Control Panel -> Site News -> Module settings -> Module fine settings -> check "Enable ability to choose date of entry adding".

Answer: If it is not there in the template, but the system adds it, this means it has to be there.

Answer: No. In the same way search engines do not index news that are prohibited for Guests to view.

Answer: It is not possible to edit this page.

Answer: It is not possible to do it within our system. It is better to use the "Required field" option instead.

Answer: It is not possible. The allowed amount of characters is supposed to be enough.

Answer: It is possible to set an autoresponder in the e-mail account of the receiver.

Answer: It cannot be done with any system solution, but you may use Javascript instead.

Answer: Forum is a nice way to communicate for a big amount of people. Let's say you are interested in something. You post your question on a forum and other forum members post their answers. This is the way the discussions are held on forums.

Answer: The main difference is that you will have to install the scripts of other forums. It means you need to have a host that supports PHP or CGI. You also need to have the necessary additional skills to install, set and manage those scripts.
And the uCoz Forum module can be installed in a couple of mouse clicks. Plus the uCoz Forum module features are sometimes even better than the ones suggested by other forums.

Answer: Yes. Install only the Forum and Page Editor modules, make a login page with the link to the forum or set up redirection in Control Panel -> Settings -> Common settings -> When opening the main page, redirect to.

Answer: Database transfer from other forums is not possible. In theory, it can be done, but as there is various forum software and its versions and a few people want to change them for uCoz, we do not think it is necessary to spend time on writing a converter.

Answer: Go to Control Panel -> Forum -> Forum and section management. You will see the list of existing sections and forums. To add a new section or a new forum – click the "New section" or "New forum" button and fill in the form.

Answer: In this version of the Forum module threads with new messages are displayed at the top. They are marked as "There are new message(s)". Old threads without new messages are located right after the threads with new messages. They are marked as "No new messages".

Answer: Yes. It can be done with the help of Informers.

Answer: Try to use the "Mark all messages as read" button.

Answer: It is not possible to restore a certain thread. You can restore the full forum backup, if you have created it beforehand.

Answer: There is a limited period of time during which users are allowed to edit their messages. It can be set in the Module settings section of the Forum module.

Answer: Check the "Do not increase post number for users" option in Control Panel -> Forum -> Forum and section management.

Answer: This information is available for administrators only. If you do not want it to be displayed, customize the forum "Appearance of entries" template.

Answer: The images are saved in a hidden folder. You can remove them by clicking the button next to the necessary image.

Answer: $2BASKET$ and $2BASKET_Q$ - are the buttons of adding to cart. And $BASKET$ is the cart itself, where the goods are being added to.

Answer: It is not possible. All you can do is change the subject of the message in the Module settings of the E-shop module.

Answer: If the Excel format is old (like 5.0 version and lower) re-save it in Excel 97-2003.

Answer: Yes. It can be done via changing the group permissions in Control Panel -> Users -> User groups.

Answer: Just the way you do it in Site Menu Builder. Drag the necessary category by means of holding .

Answer: $ENTRY_VIEWS$ - number of item views
$ENTRY_SOLD$ - number of item sales

Answer: Control Panel -> Design management (templates) -> E-shop -> Page of service forms.

Answer: Yes. There is the "Currency of the price column" option in the "Processing of .xls price list" section.

Answer: Embed $POLL$ for a random poll and $POLLC_1$ for a certain poll in the template of any page you wish.

Answer: Go to Control Panel -> Design -> Design management (CSS) -> /* Poll styles */. Customize the styles to your taste.

Answer: Check whether the poll is active or not in the Poll management section of the Control panel.

Answer: There is the protection from repeated voting from the same IP address and account within the system.

Answer: Go to Control Panel -> Page Editor -> Page management and you'll see the list of the created pages. Click on the "Remove" icon (a red cross) and confirm the removal.

Answer: Go to Control Panel -> Page Editor -> Page management and you'll see the list of the created pages. Click on "Edit information" and change the name on the page that will appear.

Answer: In Control Panel -> Settings -> Common Settings.

Answer: You can restore the templates by means of the "Restore default template" option. It can be found above the template customization field. Just click the "Restore default template" button. To restore all templates at once, go to Control Panel -> Settings -> Common settings -> Site design, check "Update design for all active modules" and save the changes.

Answer: It is possible to create as many dynamic pages as you want.
The number of uploaded static pages depends on the amount of the available disk space.

Answer: It is not possible to enable comments on such pages as well as rating and other interactive elements. Use any empty module, which you didn't use before.

Answer: Usually it helps to clear the cache (temporary files) of the browser in such case.

Answer: No. You have to use them on a dynamic page, which will allow to process those codes. $Codes$ are not processed on static pages. They are displayed as plain text.

Answer: It is a photo album protected by a password. And only those people who know the password can view it. If you want to create an album, but you do not want everyone to view the photos, make this album a private one and share the password with the people you want.
To create such albums go to Control Panel -> Photo Albums -> Categories management. Find the necessary album and click the "edit" icon. Enter Password to log into the category and click "Save".

Answer: .JPG, .GIF, .PNG

Answer: The maximum allowed size of a ZIP archive with photos is 40 Mb.

Answer: That's not possible. When a photo is uploaded, two more photos are created, databases are updated etc. An FTP client is unable to do this.

Answer: Into the database. Users don't have access to it.

Answer: You can allow it in the user group permissions section by checking the box "Edit/Remove own photos" and "Edit/Remove own comments".

Answer: Control Panel -> Settings -> Common settings: Overlay uploaded images with the text (watermark).