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Answer: Each site directory has its own terms and conditions. As a rule it is done to sort out qualitative websites from non-qualitative.

But if the site directory is reliable, it will always publish websites with manual moderation. Here is an example of a directory you can refer to: You can find lots of websites from free web hosts on the pages of this directory because it is believed there that the content of a website defines its quality and not the hosting it uses.

That is why we suggest that you to post your websites in directories that are moderated, that publish qualitative websites and do not set limitations on free or paid hosts.

Answer: Robots.txt is a text file, located in the root directory of your website and containing instructions for search engines regarding the website indexing. With its help a webmaster can set indexing parameters either for all search engines at once or for particular engines separately.

We do not recommend to edit or replace the default robots.txt file. But if you need to edit the file, you can do it in any text editor. Do not forget to check your robots.txt after making the changes. It can be done by means of Google Webmaster Tools.

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Answer: PR (PageRank) is one of Google search engine algorithms. It is calculated for each document separately. This parameter does not effect the search engine results. As a rule, it is used as a parameter to evaluate the importance of a website/webpage.

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Answer: All uCoz websites have Indexing status that is displayed at the top of the Control Panel's main page (/panel/?a=cp). The parameter shows whether indexing by search engines is allowed for the website or not (whether the website is in quarantine).
The indexing status can show one of the two options: "indexing is allowed (quarantine is removed)":

Or "indexing is prohibited (the website is in quarantine)":

The status "indexing is prohibited (the website is in quarantine)" is assigned by default to all newly created websites. This measure is required as a protection against spammers and websites violating the User Agreement.

Remember that search engines won't rank your website high if it is empty. Be sure to add content to the website before you start promoting it.

A website can become available for indexing either automatically (if a premium plan is purchased) or upon the website owner's request. If the website does not have a premium plan and the user wants the quarantine to be removed, a request should be submitted from the website's Control Panel:

There will be a pop-up window with the info on the quarantine policy:

After the request has been submitted, the website will be checked automatically according to a number criteria: the website's age, presence of a custom domain name, content, verified phone number etc. On the basis of these criteria the system decides whether the quarantine should be removed. We cannot provide a more detailed description of the algorithm.

Note! If the quarantine removal was denied, the next request can be submitted no sooner than in 7 days.

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Answer: Meta tags are tags that store information about a web page for browsers and search engines. With the help of meta tags web crawlers get info about the website, the keywords being used and other data. Correct content of meta tags is important for successful SEO promotion of a website. The main tags are keywords and description. Meta tags must be added between the tags < head >< /head > in the website templates.

When adding meta tags, remember about the following rules:
  • Include only the keywords that are used on the corresponding page of your website;
  • Avoid repeating the same keywords;
  • Make keywords and descriptions unique for each page.

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Answer: A SEO Friendly URL is a human-readable web address. uCoz has an option for automatic creation of such URLs. SEO Friendly URLs are created by automatic transliteration of entry or category titles.

The option can be enabled in Control Panel -> Settings -> Common Settings: Use Search Engine Friendly URLs.

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Answer: SMO (Social Media Optimization) is a complex of measures of website optimization for social media. It includes various methods that allow to draw visitors from various social networks. This is achieved by posting website content to social media, integration with social plugins etc.

uCoz has the following tools for working with social media:
  • Social Bar - a bar on your website with the help of which visitors can easily like website content and share it to social media;
  • Social Media Publisher – a module for automatic posting of website entries to selected social networks.

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Answer: SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a complex of measures within search engines to increase the number of visitors. It includes the following basic methods of drawing target traffic to a website via search engines:
  • SEO (Search Engine optimization) is a complex of measures aimed at improving website positions in various search engines;
  • Contextual advertising – is targeted advertising in search engines. It is one of the most effective and popular methods of drawing target audience to a website because only direct referrals to the site are paid.

Answer: Keywords are one of the components of website promotion. Creating a keyword list is one of the first step when you start promoting your website. The words that should be included into the list depend on website subject, their frequency and competitiveness.

You can check frequency of a keyword with such service as Google Adwords. The list of keywords you get should be distributed between site pages, taking into account page rank - it is better to add more frequent keywords to pages with higher rank.