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Answer: The uCoz Social Bar is a tool which provides for users a way to share and like posts, pages, and information across multiple social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. With it, site visitors are able to like and share pages of your website in just one click!

Answer: To enable the Social Bar open Control Panel -> Settings -> Social bar, and select the drop down list changing Disabled to Enabled.

Answer: As the Social Bar is a uCoz creation and integrates directly with the website, there are a number of beneficial differences for site administrators:
  • Stress-free setup and installation. Forget about the countless templates and numerous complexities that arise when working with third-party services. Installing and configuring the Social Bar is a simple procedure and doesn’t need you to know any programming languages. It takes less than 5 minutes!
  • Integration with uCoz. Unlike most third-party tools, the uCoz Social Bar is not just a set of social buttons. The Social Bar is specifically designed to work and function on the uCoz system. Understanding the intricacies and complexities of the system from top to bottom, the social bar is the perfect match for the uCoz system, and is easy and effective to work with.
  • Nifty additional features. As mentioned above, the Social Bar also provides a number of additional features, such as that of: site search, bookmarking, and a Site Friends block.

Answer: In the Social Bar settings (Control Panel -> Settings -> Social bar) you can select the default view of the bar – expanded or collapsed. You can also hide it from certain user groups using the user group permissions.

Answer: The Like button provides an opportunity for users to like a page on any number of social networks, at which the likes are counted and displayed on site. The Share button allows site users to do just that sharing the page URL to any of their connected social networking accounts.

Answer: The uCoz logo is displayed by default on the Social Bar, however, this can be changed. Site administrators can upload their own icons in the bar settings: Control Panel -> Settings -> Social bar -> Icon:

Answer: In the settings (Control Panel -> Settings -> Social bar) you will find listed icons which relate to social networks. To hide a social network, remove the checkmark beneath it.

Answer: The Social Bar, in addition to providing social networking buttons, also provides a dynamic site search function, allows visitors/users to add pages to their bookmarks so that they can visit the page again later, and also allows you to display the Site Friends block.

Answer: To display the Social Bar to selected user groups open Control Panel -> Users -> User Groups -> Set permissions for all groups, and set the appropriate permissions as required per group.

Answer: To resolve this issue, you will need to add the system variable $ADMIN_BAR$ to all page templates (Control Panel -> Customize Design). After this the Social Bar should display on all pages. For testing purposes add this variable to the Site Pages template: Control Panel -> Customize Design -> Site pages.

Answer: Unfortunately at the current time it is not possible to search the E-shop or Video modules using the Social Bar's built in search. Site administrators will have to use the module search form for these modules.