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Answer: You can log in to the website Control Panel at The website address is used as the username, and the password was set by you when signing up.

Forgot your password? Please use the following form to retrieve it:

Answer: In uCoz inactive ("dead") websites are deactivated and then deleted. A website is considered to be inactive if no one visits it for 40 days.

Don't worry, uCoz will do all possible to save your website. The system does not delete the websites at once, at first it marks them for removal (thus they do not work) and sends a message with a reactivation link to the registration e-mail of the website owner. The website has this status for the next 15 days, and during this period registration of a website with the same URL is impossible.

If you didn't receive the notification about your website being deactivated, or if you didn't reactivate the website in time, please contact the uCoz Support Team via this form.

Why aren't the visitors counted?
If you use .html files as the website pages, the visitors on the site are not taken into account. Users must use at least 1 content module (Blog, Site News, Catalogs, Forum, Guestbook etc.).

Answer: Possible problems:
  • Cookies are not accepted (or blocked) by your browser or firewall. Change the settings of these programs and you will be able to log in.
  • A service for traffic economy (e.g. Traffic Compressor) is used. When using this service all information is being archived and transmitted through another server. Therefore your IP may change each time you refresh a page. Disable the service and try to log in once again.
  • A web proxy is used. You have installed software which changes dynamically proxy addresses and therefore hides your real IP. It is necessary to turn off the program when working with the Control Panel or with your site as uCoz uses binding to IP address as a standard security method.
  • Simultaneous work. Someone else is trying to work in the Control Panel simultaneously with you. Since session is bound to IP address it is impossible to work from 2 different IP addresses simultaneously. This setting can be changed in Control Panel -> Security -> Security settings: Maximum number of simultaneous logins to the Control Panel.

Answer: All information about statuses of the uCoz servers, scheduled and emergency maintenance, technical problems is available in the corresponding forum thread.

Answer: There are several reasons why your uCoz website may be blocked:
  • Copyright infringement;
  • Trademark infringement;
  • Illegal content;
  • Spam.

You can find more about possible reasons of your website being blocked on the Abuse Report page.

How can you restore your website
If you want your website to be unblocked, you must eliminate the reasons of the website blocking that are stated on the blocking page. Then you need to contact the uCoz Abuse Team via the form on the Abuse Report page.

Answer: There are several possible reasons of IP blocking:
  • IP blocking when logging in to a website. If you are trying to log in to a website and see a message that your IP address is temporarily blocked, it means that you’ve entered wrong login data multiple times. The IP will be unblocked in an hour;
  • IP blocking when browsing a website. If you see a message about IP blocking when browsing a website, it means that there are JQuery scripts that contain a lot of get and post requests in the page code. Too frequent refreshing and clicks on a website may lead to temporary IP blocking which is one of protection methods against DDoS. Please see more info in the forum thread;
  • "Access from your IP address is not allowed". You will see this message if you enabled logging in to Control Panel only from a certain IP but are trying to log in from another IP address. If your IP has changed, please contact the uCoz Support Team via the contact form. The message must contain the answer to the secret question, the reason why your IP address has changed, the URL of the website, the IP address set in the website Control Panel (if you remember it).