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Answer: You can find the forum board devoted to the Video module by the link.

Answer: Please report it in the relevant forum thread or via the Contact Us form.

Answer: In the module settings you can choose whether to display videos in a new window or directly on their pages.

Answer: Maybe you use a video service that is absent in our database. We have our own database of the services which can be used in the module.
It is also possible that you have third-party scripts on your website that don't let the module work correctly. Try to restore the default templates.

Answer: At the moment the indexed Site Search is not available in the module. You can use the module search instead. To display the module search form, use the following code: $MODULE_SEARCH_FORM$.

Answer: It is not possible, as well as in all the other modules.

Answer: New rating, SEO friendly URLs, HTML page title and meta description, customizable posting form, tree-like category structure, unlimited category nesting etc.

Answer: YouTube, Vimeo, Daily, Blip, hulu etc. are supported. You can find more info on the website of the service in use: oEmbed.

Answer: You can use the 3rd tab of the posting form - "Upload file" - to upload a video from your computer. The video will be uploaded to YouTube (you won't be redirected anywhere during this process, all is done through your website). This feature can be enabled in Control Panel -> Video -> Module settings:

Answer: Yes, this module is absolutely free.