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Answer: It is a photo album protected by a password. And only those people who know the password can view it. If you want to create an album, but you do not want everyone to view the photos, make this album a private one and share the password with the people you want.
To create such albums go to Control Panel -> Photo Albums -> Categories management. Find the necessary album and click the "edit" icon. Enter Password to log into the category and click "Save".

Answer: .JPG, .GIF, .PNG

Answer: The maximum allowed size of a ZIP archive with photos is 40 Mb.

Answer: That's not possible. When a photo is uploaded, two more photos are created, databases are updated etc. An FTP client is unable to do this.

Answer: Into the database. Users don't have access to it.

Answer: You can allow it in the user group permissions section by checking the box "Edit/Remove own photos" and "Edit/Remove own comments".

Answer: Control Panel -> Settings -> Common settings: Overlay uploaded images with the text (watermark).