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Answer: Forum is a nice way to communicate for a big amount of people. Let's say you are interested in something. You post your question on a forum and other forum members post their answers. This is the way the discussions are held on forums.

Answer: The main difference is that you will have to install the scripts of other forums. It means you need to have a host that supports PHP or CGI. You also need to have the necessary additional skills to install, set and manage those scripts.
And the uCoz Forum module can be installed in a couple of mouse clicks. Plus the uCoz Forum module features are sometimes even better than the ones suggested by other forums.

Answer: Yes. Install only the Forum and Page Editor modules, make a login page with the link to the forum or set up redirection in Control Panel -> Settings -> Common settings -> When opening the main page, redirect to.

Answer: Database transfer from other forums is not possible. In theory, it can be done, but as there is various forum software and its versions and a few people want to change them for uCoz, we do not think it is necessary to spend time on writing a converter.

Answer: Go to Control Panel -> Forum -> Forum and section management. You will see the list of existing sections and forums. To add a new section or a new forum – click the "New section" or "New forum" button and fill in the form.

Answer: In this version of the Forum module threads with new messages are displayed at the top. They are marked as "There are new message(s)". Old threads without new messages are located right after the threads with new messages. They are marked as "No new messages".

Answer: Yes. It can be done with the help of Informers.

Answer: Try to use the "Mark all messages as read" button.

Answer: It is not possible to restore a certain thread. You can restore the full forum backup, if you have created it beforehand.

Answer: There is a limited period of time during which users are allowed to edit their messages. It can be set in the Module settings section of the Forum module.

Answer: Check the "Do not increase post number for users" option in Control Panel -> Forum -> Forum and section management.

Answer: This information is available for administrators only. If you do not want it to be displayed, customize the forum "Appearance of entries" template.