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Answer: In order to change a nickname for the current website go to its Control Panel -> Users -> List of users. Click the "Change login (username)" button. Type in a new username. Click "Change" and Save.

Answer: Perhaps you enter it with a space, which is not allowed. You can use only digits, letters and hyphens.

Answer: Check permissions of the user groups, particularly session binding to IP: Control Panel -> Users -> User groups -> Edit group properties or permittions: Bind session to IP address (protection from stealing cookies). Disable this option.

Answer: An administrator must change the password himself. It is not allowed to edit an administrator's account.

Answer: Every website administrator can make users CHECKED at his own discretion and assign to them any permissions he wants. You may set group permissions as you wish. So, groups (or members) will differ on the permissions that you have assigned to them.

Answer: Yes. Edit the template of the user's profile page.

Answer: The number of reputation points depends on the reputation of a person who changes reputation (max 20).

rep>5000 = 20
rep>2500 = 15
rep>1000 = 10
rep>900 = 9
rep>700 = 8
rep>500 = 7
rep>300 = 6
rep>200 = 5
rep>100 = 4
rep>50 = 3
rep>10 = 2

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