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Answer: The images are saved in a hidden folder. You can remove them by clicking the button next to the necessary image.

Answer: $2BASKET$ and $2BASKET_Q$ - are the buttons of adding to cart. And $BASKET$ is the cart itself, where the goods are being added to.

Answer: It is not possible. All you can do is change the subject of the message in the Module settings of the E-shop module.

Answer: If the Excel format is old (like 5.0 version and lower) re-save it in Excel 97-2003.

Answer: Yes. It can be done via changing the group permissions in Control Panel -> Users -> User groups.

Answer: Just the way you do it in Site Menu Builder. Drag the necessary category by means of holding .

Answer: $ENTRY_VIEWS$ - number of item views
$ENTRY_SOLD$ - number of item sales

Answer: Control Panel -> Design management (templates) -> E-shop -> Page of service forms.

Answer: Yes. There is the "Currency of the price column" option in the "Processing of .xls price list" section.