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Answer: This module is intended for testing of users on your website.

Answer: Yes, you can. Install the module, then go to Control Panel –> Entry management and click "Add new entry".

Answer: You can take tests from any website that offers them.

Answer: Yes, you can edit them as you like.

Answer: Yes, you can. Go to Control Panel – Tests – Entry management, find the necessary entry and edit it.

Answer: If you select "Single answer" it means that a user can choose only one answer variant. "Multiple choice" means that a user can select as many variants as you will specify at the next step of test adding.

Answer: You can add a maximum of 1000 questions.

Answer: You can add a maximum of 100 variants.

Answer: Yes, but only in the "Short description" and "Question text" fields.

Answer: No, you can't. If a user's rank is higher than the rank he is supposed to get according to the test results, then the current rank won't change.

Answer: The test results of all registered users. If you allow Guests to take tests, their results won't be recorded.

Answer: All data related to this test is removed – including questions, answers, ranges and result log.

Answer: No. If you want users to be able to save test results, enable the feature of sending results to e-mail.